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Tengah EC Singapore’s First Smart Technology Enabled Town

Located near Jurong Town and Bukit Batok, Tengah EC is Singapore’s first fully smart technology-enabled town. The development is made up of two luxury residential communities surrounded by a green belt. The project is expected to be completed by 2022. The plan is to build up to five kilometers of forest corridor, which will be planted with rainforest tree species. The project will be surrounded by lush green belts.

This new development is a modern town with smart condos and green infrastructure. Its location near the CBD will enable residents to live a healthy lifestyle. The development will also provide convenient access to the city center and bus interchange. It is also a green town and will help reduce waste. In addition, it will provide convenient access to healthcare and education facilities. In addition, it will offer residents a good quality of life.

The development features many amenities, including a fitness club, swimming pool, and a Chinese language school. The community also features a mini concert hall and restaurant. Residents can also enjoy the amenities offered by Tengah EC. It’s located near the Tengah MRT station, which provides easy access to the city. Tengah EC is near Tengah Garden Walk, making it convenient for residents to commute to work or go shopping.

The building’s location is ideal for families with children. It’s located near the Jurong Innovation District and the Central Business District. The development is also about a 30-minute drive from Jurong Lake District, Singapore’s second-largest CBD outside the city center. In addition to being located near these important amenities, Tengah EC features fully furnished units, modern buildings, and balconies overlooking lush greenery.

The Tengah EC is near the Tengater Town shopping centre. The nearby West Mall Shopping Centre offers an array of shopping options. It features over 400 stores and restaurants. The mall also has movie theatres and hotels. There are many Indian restaurants, so you’re sure to find something to suit your taste buds. The West Mall is also convenient if you enjoy shopping.

As a brownfield site, Tengah EC is ideally located for a new town development. It is a prime location for residential development. Previously, the site was planned to produce up to 56,000 new homes. However, since it is now a brownfield, it faces many challenges, such as noise pollution caused by nearby construction sites and an air base.

In addition to incorporating eco-friendly features into the town, this master plan will also make it the first urban forest metropolis in the city-state. Other plans include a sports hub and intelligent transport. The town will also feature new HDB neighbourhood centres that will include modern facilities and essential services. In addition, the town is expected to be accessible by public transport and is located near three MRT stations.

Despite being close to the central business district, the development will be pedestrian-friendly. There will be separate pedestrian and bicycle lanes, which will help residents travel without causing any congestion. The area will also have a convenient shopping mall and an integrated community hub. All of this will make Tengah EC an extremely accessible place for residents. The town centre will be a green oasis, where residents can walk, cycle, and socialise.

In addition to the MRT, Tengah EC will also feature a car-free town centre, with underground roads and 4 MRT stations. The development will also feature a polyclinic and bus interchange. This development is currently exclusive to Singaporeans in the launch phase, and applicants must be at least 30 years old to apply for an EC. So, if you’re thinking about purchasing an EC in Tengah, take action now and secure your future home.

Currently in its pre-construction stage, the Tengah EC will offer two luxury residential communities – a midwood condominium and a freehold house. Each property will have a variety of unit types and will boast city living conveniences and green features. Both buildings will offer 99-year tenures and will be complete by 2026. Together, these two residential communities will have over 4,000 units.

The Tengah EC town centre will be car-free, with a park in the middle. Residents can take advantage of the many recreational opportunities that the park has to offer, such as cycling and walking paths. The area will also be close to public transportation, making it easy to commute to work or play. A green town centre with light traffic will also make it easier for residents to enjoy local activities such as festivals and other activities.

The New Port Residences EC will provide a modern lifestyle. The development is surrounded by green spaces and will feature integrated community hubs and schools. It will be one of the country’s first new HDB neighbourhood centres. Residents can enjoy public transportation at nearby Choa Chu Kang MRT station and enjoy a number of amenities including sports facilities. In addition, the community will be surrounded by numerous water bodies, which will purify the air and make the area green and attractive.

The EC will be launched along with other upcoming BTO projects in the neighbourhood. EC is positioned near the Jurong East Shopping Centre, which will boost the demand for residential property. It will also be located close to Jurong East MRT station. There are two luxury residential communities planned in the EC, which are expected to yield 375 units. Both of them will be well-connected to the rest of Singapore.

A new development in District 24 called the Copen Grand EC is slated for construction. The EC will have a maximum gross floor area of 61,659 square meters. The project’s design includes an extensive bicycle network and green features. The project will also include a car-free town centre that will have an underground parking system. The area is expected to be surrounded by a green belt and lush greenery.

The new EC will be located near the main town centre. This will allow developers to maximize the available land space for commercial and recreational facilities. It will be surrounded by a lush green belt with walkways connecting the districts. To encourage green living, the EC will include facilities for charging electric cars. These electric charging hubs will double as mobility tools for new residents and help them transition to a lower carbon footprint.

This EC is close to many highways. The Pan-Island Expressway and Brickland Road are nearby. There are also multiple schools within a two-kilometre radius of the EC. The North-East region’s development plan is expected to increase property values in the years to come. In the meantime, the EC is expected to attract new business.

This new development is a perfect example of how a town centre should be designed for the millennial generation. The development’s master plan includes an active and green town centre that will have a car-free town centre. The town center will also include dedicated walking paths and a car-free area. A lush green belt surrounds the town centre. The project will complement the Jurong Lake District and the Jurong Innovation District, which are both well-known for their vibrant urban environments.

Singapore’s car parks are notoriously cramped, making it hard for drivers to park their EVs at designated charging stations. According to a recent study by LTA, only 33% of HDB car parks are ready to support overnight EV charging, and 77% need infrastructural upgrades. Tengah is spearheading the technology push to improve EV charging solutions.

The design of the new town has wowed many with its futuristic vision. With a car-lite, green environment, the new town is set to be a beacon for sustainable living. In fact, the land parcel that will be developed in this town has been awarded to a joint venture between MCL Land and City Developments Limited, two well-known property developers. The joint venture has pledged to provide EV charging solutions to residents.

Tengah EC developers are well aware of the growing demand for executive condominiums in Singapore. The site is located near three MRT stations on the Jurong Region Line. It is convenient for both the north and the west parts of the city-state. Furthermore, the development is one of the few executive condominiums in this location. In addition to being a prime location, the development will be equipped with charging solutions for electric vehicles.

Tengah town is also planning to lead the way with sustainable living and the use of smart technology. It will have autonomous cars, electric car charging solutions in carparks, and a smart central waste management system. This will help make the town a car-free zone connected to Jurong Innovation District. Once developed, the town will be connected to the Jurong Innovation District for further collaboration on smart technology and sustainability.

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